Grubbin Sports: Eagles Trade for DE Michael Bennett. What Might This Mean for Nick Foles?

Wednesday afternoon Philadelphia Eagles General Manager Howie Roseman completed another blockbuster trade acquiring former Seattle Seahawks Defensive End Michael Bennett & a 2018 seventh-round pick in exchange for Philadelphia’s 2018 fifth-round pick and former undrafted Wide Receiver Marcus Johnson according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter. In a day that had already started with rumors of Superstar Corner Back Richard Sherman being released by Seattle it was Bennett instead that finds himself on another team. The outspoken Bennett was rumored to be involved in trade talks but the seemingly stacked defensive line of Philadelphia certainly did not seem like the logical landing spot from a far away. However when you take a deeper look at the move reigning Executive of the Year Howie Roseman continues to support why he has such cult following in Philadelphia. Following the trade I couldn’t help but wonder what was next for the cash strapped Eagles who are over the leagues salary cap and must make the necessary moves in order to be under said salary cap by March 14th.

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Paging Vinny Curry

On Sunday NFL Networks Ian Rapoport reported that the Eagles were expected to release DE Vinny Curry. Less than an hour later Rapoport reported that the team & Curry were in negotiations to restructure his current contract in attempts to keep him. Also adding that teams were interested in potentially trading for him. So the question that begs to be asked is, ‘Whats next for Vinny Curry?” The Eagles second-round pick in 2012, Curry, has an $11 million cap hit this season and with this trade for Bennett makes things even more interesting. If for some reason Philadelphia didn’t make some sort of move to trade, cut or restructure Curry’s contract all $11 Million Curry is due would become fully guaranteed on March 18th. Four days prior is when Philadelphia has to get under the cap & Curry is easily the most expendable player on the roster. By trading or releasing Curry the Eagles will save $5 Million. So at this point Philadelphia has to figure out whether they can actually get something back in return for the $6 Million cap hit that they will take by trading him.

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So what are the Options?

At this point the trade market for Curry is a liquid situation with nothing more surfacing than “Several [teams in on a Vinny Curry trade]” from widely regarded underground NFL insider Incarcerated Bob. Of course there circumstances have to be right in order to make this move one that I think has not been mentioned enough is a piece in a trade for Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles. I know the immediate reaction you might have is, “Why would a team take on Curry’s salary?” The market for a legit QB NFL is not encouraging to say the least. Nick Foles might not be the flashiest QB in the league but he clearly has shown moments of poise, brilliance and success. In the most important position in the sport those qualities are few and far between. At just a $5.2 Million cap hit this year to any team that were to acquire Foles that is unbelievable value for a starting NFL Quarterback let alone one that just out dueled Tom Brady in the Super Bowl. So to just deal him alone with a late round pick doesn’t strike me as something Howie Roseman would view as an ideal situation. Using the 2018 QB Franchise Tag number as a barometer $23,189,000 is way more than the salary that Foles carries. This is clearly a huge opportunity for Roseman to save Philadelphia $10.2 Million on the cap by combining Foles & Curry in a package for undoubtedly significantly value. The idea of this type of package is beneficial for all parties involved as Philadelphia will be able to work its way under the Salary Cap, Nick Foles will have the opportunity to start long-term & the franchise trading with Philadelphia will be getting a legitimate NFL QB & a player with above average pass rush abilities in Curry all for $12.9 Million less than that Franchise tag number I previously referenced. That type of value along with that price tag has got to be enticing and is the perfect bait for Howie Roseman to do what he does best.


Enter Howie Roseman

Since returning as General Manager in 2015 Roseman has made 14 trades involving a player by far the most. So this type of scenario really is not that far-fetched as Roseman clearly has the ability to convey value in all of his trades to his partners & from my point of view the package of Foles along with Curry has plenty of Value. While this move would get them closer to being under the cap there will still be other moves to be made as Philadelphia is approximately $15.2 Million over the cap and still need to clear more space in order to sign their draft class amongst other potential Free Agent needs they might see fit. Now a move like this is uncommon one of Roseman’s greatest trades was quite similar. In March 2016 Philadelphia dealt CB Byron Maxwell, LB Kiko Alonso & the 13th overall pick in the 2016 Draft to the Miami Dolphins in exchange for Miami’s 8th overall pick in the 2016 Draft. Roseman later used the 8th overall pick in a mega deal to move up to the 2nd overall pick that was used to draft QB Carson Wentz. To me the pairing of Curry & Foles in a trade is a logical albeit unique solution to the cap issues Philadelphia faces. Only time will truly tell but as the snow is coming down in Philadelphia that only means that Roseman is currently snowed in at the Novacare Complex doing what he does best: making calls to facilitate trades & figure out ways to maniupulate the Salary Cap. Time is ticking & a plethera of transations are about to be made in Philadelphia. At this point all Eagles fans can do is sit & wait for Howie the Magnificent’s next trick up his sleeve.

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