News – “You can get 50% off at Applebee’s using expired gift cards and coupons from ANY business, not kidding”

hellogiggles.comIt’s true: Things really are better and bigger in Texas, including Applebee’s. This month, all 65 Applebee’s restaurants in Texas will accept any kind of gift card or coupon — whether they’re expired or not — from any business as payment. Umm, yassss please.

Foodbeast reports that the food chain will honor pretty much any coupon — paper or electronic — for up to 50% off food purchases for the entire month of March. It’s not exactly free (hey, they gotta make money somehow) but 50% can go a loooong way. Especially if you go with a group of friends and spread the gift card love.

The deal is pretty simple: If you have a gift card with a remaining dollar value, like $25, for example, that’s how much you’ll receive off your food check (up to 50% off your meal) at Applebee’s.

That means you can pay for your chicken wings and nachos with a coupon from a competitor! Or even use that old knitting store coupon you didn’t end up cashing in from Grandma.

This is some positive news from Applebee’s, which recently announced it will close a number of its locations this year.

@mohall49er touched on this on episode 12 of the Just Grubbin podcast but man oh man are the fast casual restaurants getting up out of here. Applebee’s is basically giving food away for free trying to stay afloat 

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