Tax Season @ Franco’s Cafe & Restaurant – Palmyra, NJ

CHINO is BACK!! Sorry for the wait. So this past Saturday I was getting my taxes done by someone other than H&R Block & TurboTax (Highly Recommend if you own and have kids). My new tax guy was a huge help aside from doing my taxes because I asked him, “Can you recommend a good place to eat out here in Palmyra?”. His recommendation was a three for the win because it was LEGIT authentic Mexican food and I was craving some since my trip to El Mariachi’s in Voorhees. Franco’s Cafe & Restaurant located at 818 Cinnaminson Ave, Palmyra, NJ 08065.

Now this place was a hidden gem. It was like located where there wasn’t a lot of car traffic and away from any major roads like Rt 130 & Rt 73. So we really didn’t know what we were walking into until we opened the door and there was Latin music playing and the decor of the restaurant was Latin cultured.

Based on this I had a good feeling the food was going to be slammin’. Menu wise they had a wide selection but there are a few ways I decide if a Mexican restaurant is worth a second trip, must have at least two of three variables. 1-How good are their tacos, 2-how good their Guacamole is, and lastly 3-how good are their rice & beans. Certain places have beans that lack in flavor, store bought guacamole, and tacos don’t taste authentic or fresh. This place passed the test since we tried two of the three (they had something else that took our minds off the guacamole, keep reading). For entrees, we ordered “Big Boy Tacos”, which included 6 tacos (2 chicken, 2 steak, 2 Beef) and your choice of lettuce/tomatoes/shredded cheese or Pico de gallo. I went with the pico because I wanted something to spice it up. They also had three sauce choices mild, hot, and chili pepper. All three were good! Look for yourselves…and also here’s a picture with the lettuce, tomatoes, cheese (which I didn’t try).

The second entree we ordered was Ground beef tostadas, which included three giant tostadas. It was topped with lettuce, tomatoes, crema sauce, queso fresco cheese, and jalapeño peppers. Flavor was good and the tostadas were crunchy. Definitely suggest getting this since they offer like 8-9 different tostadas.

Here’s where they got me…like I said one of the variables was guacamole, which the plan was to try, BUTTTTTTTT…if anyone really knows me I love “Platanos Maduros”, translation sweet fried bananas. So right when I was going to order the guacamole, I noticed they had a specials board and it said “Appetizer: Banana Boat”. So I asked the waitress what it was and before she could finish her description, I kindly cut her off and requested that immediately lol. When I tell you I was in heaven…it was a whole platano split in half, stuffed with ground beef, black beans, corn, and topped with crema sauce (Since I’ve mentioned it twice lol, it’s Mexican version of sour cream but more creamier and soured/salted). I will let the picture do the rest…

Now in allll my days eating at Spanish restaurants I have never come across something like this. Mind you I needed to try the guacamole as part of my decision to come back…but I know since they had some shit like this, there guacamole is probably fucking slammin’. So all in all this place had some good quality Mexican food for being hidden. As I mentioned, my tax guy hit the three for the win!! Taxing Season!! Overall the food was great, drinks were freshly made, and pricing wasn’t too bad. I will always come here if I’m in the Palmyra area. 8.5 out of 10 in my book. Here are some additional pictures so you can see for yourself.

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