News – “Bug Burgers, Algae Buns And Herb Ice Cream: Ikea’s Fast Food Of The Future” – Do you remember Space Food Sticks, which actually were eaten by astronauts? The oddly enticing 1960s product was supposed to signal a new future of snacks.

Now, Ikea is actually developing the fast food of the future. In a recent post on Medium, Ikea’s innovative Space10 lab,based in Copenhagen, outlined the kind of food it thinks we’ll be eating someday.

The choices include hot dogs that are completely vegetarian, down to the micro-algae bun; a crispy burger made from bugs; and two varieties of “meatballs,” one derived from worms, and the other from vegetables.


Yum? Well, that’s Ikea’s goal.

Despite its reputation for confounding furniture kits, Ikea is proving itself to be a contender in the food industry. Last year, Ikea disclosed that it was looking into creating a chain of stand-alone cafes, separate from its monster stores.

It discovered that 30 percent of its customers come to Ikea just to eat. (I actually know some of them. It helps to get a good parking place, so you can scoot in, get your plate of salmon, and head home.)


Ikea has turned some of the responsibility for its menu over to Space10, which describes itself as “a future-living lab on a mission to design a better and more sustainable way of living.”

In 2016, Space10 introduced  Tomorrow’s Meatball — a visual rethinking of IKEA’s iconic meatball using alternative ingredients such as insects, algae, and lab-grown meat.

Quips Space10: “One bite, and we believe you’ll be crawling back for more.”

No….nope….no…don’t serve me any bug burgers dog, not even in the damn future

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