News – “Tom Brady smokes Stephen Colbert in beer chugging contest” – New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady might be known for his strict diet, but even he cuts loose once in a while — at least when it’s for a competition. The Patriots superstar showed off his beer chugging skills on the “Late Show,” competing against host Stephen Colbert.

Brady was on the show Monday promoting his book, “The TB12 Method.” The book is about diet and athletic performance, and in it, Brady extols the benefits of abstaining from alcohol.

Brady told Colbert he rarely drinks beer. But acknowledged he was a “pretty good beer chugger back in the day.” So the host challenged him.

Brady drained his glass within seconds after two gulps, with Colbert finishing far behind.

Tom Brady Chugs A Beer In One Gulp by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert onYouTube

Colbert also got Brady to eat his first strawberry. Brady said he had never eaten the fruit because he hated the smell. The verdict? Brady said it was “not that bad.”

In September, Brady appeared on “CBS This Morning” and said that he sticks to a diet consisting of around 80 percent fruit and vegetables. The athlete said he prefers food rich in nutrients like fiber and protein, but low in sugar and salt. 

Dude gets embroiled in controversy surrounding his relationship with his couch, kisses his son on the mouth uncomfortably long, loses the Super Bowl and promptly starts chugging beer and cheating on his diet. Somewhere Skip Bayless is furious with disappointment just screaming hot takes with the lights off.

Sidenote- I call bullshit, Colbert literally paused…looked of camera to his producer or whatever and changed the glasses before the chug. Tom was chugging some sort of vegan tea water.

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