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dailydot.comWith hits like Queer Eye under its belt, it makes sense that Netflix would try to expand the ol’ reality TV library. Having already tackled the “serious” food show with titles like the Emmy-nominated Chef’s Table, its latest venture, Nailed It!, falls under the “lighthearted baking competition” subgenre.

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 Again, this is another savvy move for Netflix, given how popular this little subgenre is. People love shows like Cake Wars, Kids Baking Championship, and The Great British Bake Off (that last one especially.) Nailed It! combines the baking obsession of those series with the gimmicks of other food competitions like Worst Cooks in America and Cutthroat Kitchen.

The premise is pretty simple. In each of the six episodes, three home bakers compete for a cash prize of $10,000 by trying to recreate different dessert creations. There are two rounds, after the first of which, the baker who did the best is given a special prize, and the baker who did the worst is given a handicap they can use over the other players in the next round. The second round also involves a “panic” button, which bakers can press to get help from one of the judges making the requisite cake they have to bake to win.

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