JGTV: Timbuktu Restaurant- Hanover, MD

I actually fell for the “third time the charm” mantra boy was I stupid. I’ve experienced three different settings: large birthday party, the next time was walk-in bar area with two others and lastly and final time was a group of fellow friends six of us – all three experiences completely sucked soggy donkey balls. Can you imagine it? Spending at each experience $70- $120 for only yourself and the service was ass and you still felt hungry? Yeah that’s

The best thing used to be the bread and butter they served as you waited nearly 45 for the main dish. They since have stopped that claiming “we put it in last so it can be served hot.” Well riddle me this? Why can’t the butter spread on the bread if it’s coming out “hot”? Oh Ard! After multiple reminders of water or the beverages ordered in the very beginning, Yuhs! Finally you see your dish comes out being stared at ever so carefully by the waiter reminding themselves “if I drop this one I’m gone for sure.” At this point your ribs are have moved some inches and it’s sort of a sense of relief but get this the food was merely warm…each occasion. I literally asked if they considered me to be a child or something why isn’t my food hot? How is the plate hot but not the meal?

The waiters didn’t seem to be phased by anything that came from our mouths and I figured out why at the end of the experience. That big ass 18% gratuity automatically added with anyone in party of 3 or more. Wayment! So I’m supposed to pay you for this shit? I thought of walking out each time. And each time I heard my inner self say “what would Jesus do?” Then I took into count where I was and how happily any officer would love to lock my overly happy, yes gay, ass right the fuck up. I wouldn’t even have bail money that went into the gratuity.

So here’s the recap you want a medium to large captured at seafood dish with no heat or even some meat with no flavor, go there. If you want to have to remind your waitress of beverages, go there. If you want to feel like you’re boo boo the fool because you will pay that hefty check when it’s all said and done, go there. As for me, I am certainly done TIMBUKTU-FU in my Asian guy from HOW HIGH voice.

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