News – “Fancy drinking wine in a giant anus? Or spending the night? Now is your chance” – In Belgium a Dutch artist has built an entire hotel in the shape of an anus in a field. ‘Typical’ English village with a pub and Stonehenge on North Korean border Joep Van Lieshou has called his bizarre creation CasAnus Hotel and even includes a sculpture of a giant intestine complete with veins. There is even a bed, a shower and central heating and guests can stay the night at the exhibit at the Verbeke Sculpture Park.

Wine tasting has already been organised in the hotel with visitors being urged to taste glasses of Emilia-Romagna. Guests can spend the night in the hotel in one of its bedrooms (Picture: Verbeke Foundation) Event organiser Alice Brown told Vice: ‘After ten after ten years of organizing “classic” wine tastings, often very boring for both wine producers and visitors, we started thinking of different ways of experimenting.’

There sculpture park attracts over 20,000 visitors a year and is home to hundreds of weird and wonderful pieces of art. The Hotel CasAnus is the latest attraction but a price has not yet been put on the giant anus.

Stay the night in Belgium’s giant anus  (Picture: Verbeke Foundation) The owners of Verbeke Sculpture Park maintain the giant anus is not to be seen as ‘an oasis’. However, if wine-tasters beware, the bouquet of the wine might be overpowered if there is a gust of wind through the giant anus.

Okay I mean…to each his own but uhhh, you know what nevermind. I guess you just gotta go with the flow and sip on some wine in an anus every once in awhile


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