News – “Starbucks Drive-Thru Refused Service to Teen Who Trotted Up on Horseback”  Let’s just state the facts outright: A fast food drive-thru is traditionally meant for cars. A horse is not a car. I don’t make the rules, OK?

And besides, rules are meant to be broken, a truth Aspen Cline knows all too well. As ABC15 Arizona reported on Sunday, the 14-year-old “true Arizona cowgirl” rode her horse named Scout to her local Anthem, Arizona Starbucks this past Saturday and attempted to order a Frappuccino for herself and some whipped cream for the horse through the drive-thru window. The barista allegedly refused to take her order, though, turning Cline and her equine companion away without offering any reason as to why.


In a slightly more comforting turn of events, ABC News reported on Tuesdaythat Cline had been given another chance to see her dreams come true after being turned away so cruelly over the weekend. The store’s district manager reportedly reached out to the family directly in the incident’s aftermath and offered to remedy the situation. Cline was then able to get exactly what she wanted, ordering a Frappuccino via Starbucks drive-thru window on horseback on Tuesday. (MUNCHIES could not reach Cline for direct comment.)

This story has a happy ending, sure. But let’s not let this denouement distract us from the fact that this incident has certainly called into question what Starbucks’ exact policies are regarding riding hoofed mammals through routes traditionally meant for cars.

After all, Cline had, according to ABC15, been inspired by a number of videos (see below) she’d seen online of customers engaging in the very act of riding their Seabiscuits and Phar Laps to their nearest Starbucks locations. It’s been done before!

I don’t know what is more disturbing about this. The fact that a 14 year old girl had a fantasy about this for four years or the fact that Starbucks cared at all. However, I did grow up in a town that it’s common to see people on horses in the drive thru line at Chickfila or Dunkin Donuts lol.

 But this does bring me back to my hypothetical question, why do drive thru’s have rules like this?!? If I’m at McDonald’s in Atlantic City at 2am (hypothetically of course) and the inside is closed, why do I need a car to order food?!?!?!

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