News – “White Castle Just Hosted Their Own “Royal” Wedding And It’s Classier Than You Could Ever Imagine” – Adam Mandel’s love of White Castle goes way back to long before he met his wife, Whitney Wicker.

“I’m from New York, so I have been eating White Castle my entire life,” Adam says.

A Texas native, Whitney had only ever eaten the frozen White Castle burgers you can buy at grocery stores before she met Adam. He was working as a photographer on the road with a musician, and she was a promoter for one of the shows. The first time they visited his hometown together, that was the first place he took her.

Since there are no White Castles in Fort Worth, Texas, where they live now, every time they go back to New York, White Castle is always their first stop. The fast-food restaurant is such a big part of their relationship that after getting engaged in Nashville last year they decided to stop in for a bite at one there.

That’s when they decided to include White Castle in their wedding plans.

“I saw the ads for the contest on the tables and thought the timing was so perfect,” Whitney says, referring to the White Castle Wedding contest that launched last summer for couples hoping to win a rehearsal dinner, ceremony and reception at a White Castle restaurant, plus a five-night honeymoon to Belgium.

Out of thousands of entries, Whitney and Adam won the grand prize and were married at the White Castle located on the Las Vegas Strip last Sunday, March 11.

Get you Pinterest boards ready, because this wedding is so much better than you could have ever imagined.


Sadly, the slider boxes in the flower arrangements were empty and used just for decoration. (Imagine if you could bust into your bouquet after the ceremony for a quick snack?!)

Damn I just got emotional and almost shed a tear reading this man, talk about a motherfucking dream wedding man! My dude Adam found himself his White Castle loving queen and easily had the wedding of the year. I woulda had a slider in each pocket and been throwing down during the ceremony if I was one of the groomsmen.

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