News – “Outback’s New Rib-Loaded Bloomin’ Onion Has Around 3,500 Calories” – The steakhouse is releasing a new dish called the 3-Point Rib Bloomin’ Onion and it’s a huge one.

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Outback Steakhouse, everyone’s favorite bastion of faux-Australian comfort food and the butt of countless Crocodile Dundee jokes, is carrying on its tradition of pairing an obscene amount of fried onions with equally obscene portions of meat. A year ago, Outback unleashed its 3-Point Bloomin’ Onion, a pile of onion-y goodness topped off with cheese fries and bits of center-cut, sirloin steak, which unsurprisingly tallied 3,080 calories. 

Now, the chain is carrying on this bold tradition. Earlier this week, Outback announced its 3-Point Rib Bloom, which much like its predecessor promises to pack an ungodly amount of food onto a single plate. The new dish consists of the restaurant’s “Bloomin’ Onion topped with Aussie Cheese Fries and four signature BBQ Baby Back Ribs,” per a press release. According to an Outback employee Thrillist spoke to over the phone, the new dish packs around 3,500 calories. It’s even more gluttonous than last year’s version, but of course, you have to consider it’s meant to be eaten by a table of multiple people. 

The 3-Point Rib Bloom is now available at Outback nationwide for $12.99, which is usually the price for like, 1/2 of a sirloin steak. Similarly to last year’s Bloomin’ Onion bacchanal, Outback is releasing the new dish just as March Madness begins, because nothing says basketball like oversized portions of fried food, cheese, and meat. 

Beware the Ides of March, indeed. 

Bruhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh me, @jampri26 and @bigalbsure might have to do some extensive research and do a vlog on this bad boy. I’m sorry say what you want but that looks like fat boy (me) heaven!

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