News – “Einstein Bros. Creates Bacon Conditioner And Cheese Shampoo So You Can Smell Like Food All Day”

foodbeast.comEinstein Bros. has launched a set of shampoo and conditioner that’ll leave your hair smelling like food all day long. You begin with a wash of Cheesy Shampoo, then lather in Bacon Conditioner so that everyone will think you just had smoky strips of pork belly for breakfast. The hair care products were apparently made to promote one of Einstein’s newest items, a bacon and cheddar breakfast sandwich.

 The shampoo and bacon conditioner sounds like a delicious and aromatic idea on paper, but I’d personally be worried about what I’d attract because of the smoky and cheesy fragrances. If the scents are strong enough, there’s a good chance they’ll generate some buzz and get the local fly population to hang around you.
 Still, the scents of delicious food are some of the most memorable and craveworthy ones. You may just get all of your coworkers to hang with you all day long so they can smell the bacon wafting out of your hair.
 The two bottles are available in a set for $9.99 in limited quantities. You can buy them online at the Einstein Bros. store web page.

Oooooo def gonna have to cop this for bae! She walks in smelling like a bacon and cheese sandwich and you already KNOW it’s gonna be on and poppin, I’m getting weak in the knees just thinking about it.

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