News – “These Are the Fast Food Chains We Wish Would Come to America” – The fast-food industry here in the United States is worth nearly $200 billion and appears to be outpacing the nation’s economic growth. The first of its kind, White Castle, came to be in 1921 and was quickly followed up by A&W in 1923, and of course, McDonald’s in 1940. Even though a host of U.S.-based fast-food chains have expanded into international territory, people are wanting to spice up the fast-food industry here in the states. These are the fast-food chains we’re hoping make their way to America. 

1. Leon

Leon restaurant`

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  • Founded in London, England

Fast-food is known for a lot, but being healthy is not part of it’s modus operandi — until Leon came along in 2004. Leon’s menu truly offers food for everyone, even if vegan, gluten-free, or nut-free is an essential part of a customer’s diet. Although Leon has expanded throughout England and the Netherlands, a franchise for the Mediterranean-inspired restaurant has not yet ventured to the United States.

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2. Chesa Nyama

Chesa Nyama

  • Founded in South Africa

Although rumors swirled about the first-ever Chesa Nyama finally coming to the U.S. by way of Nashville, Tennessee, the deal appears to have fallen through. This rapidly-growing, South African fast-food chain approaches the preparation of meats in more than just a char-grilled way. Instead, Chesa Nyama flame grills their meats, and the finished product is delicious. Perhaps the franchise will give that U.S. expansion one more shot.

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3. Red Rooster

Red rooster

  • Founded in Australia

A fast-food chain serving up freshly-roasted whole chickens is brilliant. After all, has dinner for the family ever been easier than bringing home a roasted chicken and tossing together some sides? If you have ever spent any extended time in Australia, you have at least driven past a Red Rooster. Any and all things related to chicken and easy meals for the entire family can be achieved by a quick stop at a Red Rooster.

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I would stop at a place called Leon’s just off the strength of their name but I that food doesn’t look bad either…also Red Rooster would be a definite stop…again just off the strength of their name.

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