Home Chef- Week 1: Smothered Turkey Meatloaf with Mashed Cauliflower and Zucchini & Chicken Moutarde with Roasted Green Beans

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I’ve been wanting to try one of these meal services for about a year now. I’ve researched each and every option and couldn’t decide which company I wanted to try because majority of what I found were sales pitches (yes I know we are usually one of them, but this one is not a sales pitch). It wasn’t until a close friend of mine, Nicole, suggested Home Chef that I even considered it as an option. But Nicole said she tried every food service company that is available and said this is the best one. So I gave it a chance.

When signing up for Home Chef I was brought directly into this weeks’ menu & there weren’t many options but according to what Nicole told me, I knew the menu changed week to week. So I went ahead and signed up. The first step was picking your delivery day of Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. I did find it weird that Monday wasn’t an option but I still went ahead with my order. I picked Tuesday as my delivery day and chose options of low calorie, two meals per week with two servings per meal, & immediately set up my schedule to skip every other week with no extra cost.

I then went ahead and picked out two menu items and that was it. It took a total of maybe 10 minutes and had two days to change my mind before they charged me. The one thing that I wanted to know that no other blog or article stated was that they charge your credit card on Friday’s for next weeks’ delivery. They also offer add-on options for additional meals, servings, salads, smoothies, or fruit boxes without agreeing to buying these options every week.


My Home Chef box arrived on Tuesday and I planned to cook at least one of the meals on that day but Mother Nature and traffic had other plans for me. I got home at about 7pm knowing that my box was delivered around 3pm and the food was still cold. I immediately opened the box and transferred everything to the refrigerator.

The following two days I was able to cook two full meals with fresh vegetables with all the ingredients on hand without wasting any additional food.

Day 1: Smothered Turkey Meatloaf with Mashed Cauliflower and Zucchini


This was a meal I picked because it’s not something I would normally shop for and cook. This was not only easy to make, it was delicious.

Day 2: Chicken Moutarde with Roasted Green Beans


This was a meal that would normally cook but I hate buying fresh veggies only because I never get the serving size correct and I end up wasting them. This meal had a few more steps but again was delicious.

Overall I would recommend Home Chef to anyone. I even went ahead and rescheduled and placed my meal for next week.



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