News – “$8 McDonald’s Wagyu Burger Underwhelms in Australia” – At almost double the price of a Big Mac, McDonald’s new Wagyu burger isn’t getting the best reviews in Australia. ( McDonald’s )

Wagyu beef burgers have been trendy at more upscale restaurants that offer burgers around the globe. McDonald’s is attempting to cash in on the craze with a new 100% Wagyu beef burger in Australia. Thus far the reviews have been less than favorable for the fast food giant.

On March 21, the Wagyu burger was debuted in Australian McDonald’s at a reported price of $10.75 AUS ($8.33 USD). The Wagyu burger is sourced from Australian raise Wagyu cattle and being offered for a limited time only. The Wagyu beef patties are accompanied by bacon, caramelized onions, tomato, lettuce, cheese and a “tangy signature sauce.”

Despite the extra toppings and trendy beef the burger hasn’t been greeted to very much fanfare.

A review from This Insider talks about the fancy black box that the burger is served in, but it can’t make up for being “overcooked, it lacked flavor, and it wasn’t worth the high price tag.”

On Gourmet Traveller the burger didn’t have much differentiation from a Quarter Pounder by one reviewer and another saying “It feels too fancy and expensive. Somewhere there’s a sweet spot, but this burger isn’t it.”

Social media had a number of negative reviews, too:


The driest burger known to man. The new Wagyu desert burger from @McDonalds. These burgs haven’t seen moisture in over 50 years.


McDonald’s new wagyu beef burger was a big dissapointment – tasted almost the same as their usual Angus beef burgers! And at 11 dollars!


Prior to the burger being released McDonald’s and the Australian Wagyu Association both voiced their excitement for the Wagyu burger.

The only thing I can really say about this without trying it is that it’s progress. A lot of new menu items take some perfecting but at least Mcdonalds is trying to change it up with a higher quality of beef. Hopefully they can get it right before they bring it over to the states.

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