News – “Watching This Beer Magician Perform His Wizardry Will Blow Your Mind”

foodbeast.comMagic is a craft as old as time, so it’s rare to see something new that exceeds all expectations. This beer magician has just done exactly that in this now viral video.

The above clip, posted by Reddit user Chelsea77, shows some serious magic prowess. An unnamed man borrows a cup of beer from a nearby crowd member, then proceeds to pour it over somebody’s head. Or, so we think. The paper funnel he’s put over the guy’s noggin somehow contains the beer, keeping his head dry. A cup then materializes out of almost nowhere, driving the crowd nuts.


While that first trick was insane, the second one blows that completely out of the water. The beer magician rolls a newspaper up into the shape of a cone, pours the beer in, then quickly folds it back up into a newspaper. There’s no beer spillage anywhere, and no sign as to where it went. We all think it was in the cone, but that’s not the case. The magician then tips the newspaper over and the beer magically reappears, sending the crowd wild as it returns back to the original cup.


How was this dark alcoholic sorcery pulled off? Many people on Reddit had their theories, including that the man had pledged his soul to an ancient deity or had to commit a dozen sacrificial labors beforehand. One person, though, offered up a more realistic explanation of how this happened.


I’m now going to be crafting my own newspaper contraption and practicing now that I know the secret. Hey, this insane trick could make me the life of the party for once, so I’m all for it.

See man there’s no way I could learn bar tricks like this because I would constantly be trying to perform them no matter the scenario. I’m talking super markets, libraries, little league baseball games, church…you name it. You’d just see your boy in the aisle just tying to amaze someones grandma.

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