News – “Chicago White Sox Are Selling Anti-Ketchup T-Shirts This Season” – The White Sox home opener is nine days away, and the city’s American League team has already revealed that it’ll serve the South Side Horseshoe, a playful take on the unofficial dish of the state’s capital. The team shared more details about the season’s new food offerings and other additions to Guaranteed Rate Field during a Tuesday morning stadium walkthrough for media. While scouting the main stadium store, the Chicago Sports Depot, fans of food and baseball will notice one new eye-catching item: A T-shirt that reiterates the team’s and city’s famous stance against ketchup on hot dogs.

The shirt, for now, is only available at the depot, the multi-level store with a separate entrance outside of the stadium. The black Under Armour shirt reads “No Ketchup in Chicago” with a drawing of a Chicago-style hot dog. The shirt is a pledge against the tomato condiment even though Heinz ads remain hung up on the park’s main concourse.

The shirt was the brainchild of a former employee who left in January, said Delaware North retail operations manager Barbara Bee. Bee credited the employee’s creativity as teams send several ideas for T-shirts to Major League Baseball for approval. The “no ketchup” T-shirt stuck and can be had for a stadium price of $39.99.

The South Side Horseshoe
 Ashok Selvam

SEE this is exactly the kind of anti ketchup propaganda that I talked about in my damn blog post from Thursday!! Just because we enjoy some ketchup here and there does tha mean we don’t have feelings?! I don’t like where society is going on this anti ketchup movement, I might have to relocate smfh. Plus without Ketchup we don’t get great Costanza gifs.

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