News – “This Ice Cream Lock Protects Your Stash From Your Terrible Thief Of A Roommate” – If you’ve ever had a roommate — or a brother, or a friend who practically lives at your house and knows no boundaries — then you’ve probably fallen victim to ice cream theft. It’s almost as bad as freezer burn, though not quite as dastardly as letting food explode in the microwave and “forgetting” to clean it up. You’ve spent your hard-earned cash on a pint of ice cream, only to head to the freezer to treat yourself and learn that somebody’s devoured the whole thing. And put the pint back where they found it, as if you’d never notice.

Ryan Reynolds Eyeroll

“Hmm … this ice cream truly is lighter than air! It almost tastes like nothing!”

Nobody is fooled, thief. Nobody.

Ben & Jerry’s feels your pain, which is why the brand designed its Euphori-lock, a combination lock that keeps the lid on your pint, deterring any would-be snackers. Of course, if you’re really committed, you could slice the pint in half — but that’d take a level of commitment someone who’s too lazy to buy their own ice cream would rarely display. Unless they’re truly sinister, in which case, maybe it’s better you learned this the hard way, so you can start hitting up Trulia ASAP to find a new place to live.


The ice cream lock is sold at Ben & Jerry’s stores, as well as on Amazon, but it’s not just for keeping thieves at bay. Sometimes, it’s to protect us from ourselves, as a reviewer who gave it five stars noted.

Ice cream lock

“I bought this product for my wife. I want to control my weight, and she doesn’t want to budge on buying herself ice cream, and I have a willpower weakness for ice cream,” wrote JC. “So far, it has done the job. It has kept me out of her ice cream and helped me a little in my struggle to control my weight.”

That’s one way to lose weight quickly.

 I fully support this idea if you struggle with greedy roommates or older brothers who always think stomach first. If I’m being honest, I probably would never have a need for an ice cream lock, only because I’m such a freak I never have ice cream leftover to necessitate locking it up.  Ice cream and leftovers need to be respected so if you have trust issues, lock it down.

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