Home Chef- Week 2

Fresh, perfectly portioned ingredients and easy to follow recipes… delivered! Get $30 off Home Chef!

For week two of my food subscription service, Home Chef, I originally planned to skip this week delivery but after last weeks meals, I felt like I wanted to try more.

Day 3: Brown Sugar Salmon


I choose this meal because fish is a food item that if I cook, I have to shop for and cook within the same day which isn’t very common with a full time job. The convenience of the meal being delivered while I’m working and ready to cook when I get home, is something that I was looking forward too. This meal was soooo good! I will definitely be getting this again in the future!

Day 4: Sesame Beef


I’ll be honest, this is not something I would normally eat but I wanted to expand my horizons & try something new.  This was a lot easier to cook then I thought it would be and it was decent but again, it not something I normally eat so I don’t feel like I’m a good judge.

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