News – “Your sugar bomb may get extra scrutiny at the airport: TSA agents ask some travelers to remove snacks from carry-ons” – You’ve taken off your shoes and removed your laptop from your carry-on bag to go through airport security screening.

You candy bar may be next.

Although it’s okay to board an airplane with food, some Transportation Security Administration agents have been asking travelers to remove their food from carry-on bags at checkpoints before putting them on the conveyor belt. Signs have also appeared at some TSA checkpoints directing people to remove snacks before screening.

It’s apparently a recommendation, however, not a requirement, and part of a new policy that is not really a policy — or at least not a uniform one. Whatever it is, it’s left peckish travelers feeling a little peeved, as USAToday and others have reported.

Travelers are permitted to take food and snacks onto an airplane after the bags have been screened. A TSA official also said Wednesday there has been no nationwide policy change requiring people to remove food from their carry-ons to get through security.

With all the crazy going on in the world I’m definitely happy for heightened security but damn don’t throw my snickers bar out man…i’m just trying to avoid the hanger and going full Hulk.

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