News – “13 Of The Strangest Drinks You’ve Probably Never Heard Of”  – What’s strange to you may be common to another. The camel’s milk sold at Whole Foods, for example, may throw you for a loop, but that’s just because you haven’t grown up with such a product. Cow’s milk isn’t exactly a huge leap from camel’s milk, but unfamiliarity always glows brightest on the shelf.

So if you expanded your curiosity to stretch around the entire world, you may discover some drinks that would downright blow your mind. Likewise, there are drinks you yourself enjoy that would shock residents of other countries and cultures. And then of course there are drinks that are bizarre and goofy to shoppers everywhere. So let’s jump into the wild world of drinks you don’t see every day.


Water Salad


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Naturally, such a curious product comes from the Japanese arm of Coca-Cola, and it even comes in six different flavors. It honestly seems like a health drink in a dystopian sci-fi flick.


Eel Soda


Eel is the selling point here, not the secret ingredient. Unagi soda reportedly tastes like kabayaki. So if you love grilled eel in soy sauce, and it’s a hot summer’s day, guess what is about to fix everything about your life? This. Drink.


Baby Mice Wine


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This absolutely looks like a high school science experiment, one that hasn’t obviously gone right or wrong. In its production process, newborn mice (three days or younger) are drowned in rice wine, and after 12 to 14 months, the drink is made available. Batches vary severely, as a bad one will straight up taste like gasoline.


Pizza Beer


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Made by Mamma Mia!, the “World’s First Culinary Beer” debuted in 2006 and the taste has likely still not left everyone’s mouth—not a bad way to live either. It started at the Seefurth Family’s home brewery in Illinois with a surplus of tomatoes and a bag of garlic. But that idea grew and tremendously evolved into a legitimate boozy recipe. A margarita pizza is put into mash and steeped like a tea bag. It’s then filtered into a brew pot and boiled, with hops and spices added in a cheesecloth-like bag. In the end, voilà, pizza beer! Honestly, it’s quite the way to cut back on expenses, no longer needing to buy pizza and beer.


Panda Dung Tea


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When it comes to green tea, you likely think of a pleasant scene of you relaxing between careful sips—and poop is absolutely nowhere to be found. Well, in a special blend debuted by wildlife expert An Yashi, the two are one in the same. Since pandas have poor digestion, only absorbing roughly 30% of what they consume, their dung is rich in fibers and nutrients. It’s surprisingly high quality actually. As of a few years ago, it was speculated to be going for $35,000 per pound.

I just want to know who was clamoring for this shit man, like all of these are pretty nasty sounding (looking at you panda dung tea) but who was sitting around eating fucking eel and said …”Yoooo you know how this could be even better?? If we made it into a carbonated beverage!”….GTFFOOOOOOHHHHHH with that shit 

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  1. Fred @ Nouq camel milk ice cream

    “that’s just because you haven’t grown up with such a product” well said.
    We are all framed as soon as we’re born. That’s how we shape cultural identity.
    I did not find camel milk appealing at first (especially since I hate milk) but then I tried to stay in my comfort zone by having a chocolate camel milk ice cream. Now I work in the camel milk industry! 😀

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