News – “IHOP Serves Its Answers To McDonald’s ‘McGriddles’ With Sweet, Savory Sandwiches” – You’re not going to like what IHOP will do to your diet, but you’ll love what it’s going to do to your mood. 

The International House of Pancakes is bringing ‘Pancake Sliders’ to the table, a play on McDonald’s ‘McGriddles’ with arguably better “buns.” 

The new item, which is part of the chain’s Spring 2018 menu, fits an entire breakfast in your palm. Between two buttermilk pancake sliders are a special scrambled egg omelet made with buttermilk and wheat pancake batter, hickory-smoked bacon, turkey sausage, a slice of American cheese, and maple glaze. 
Since there are two types of people in the world—those who love fluffy pancakes and those with a penchant for their crispier cousins, waffles—IHOP has also announced the ‘Ultimate Waffle Stack’, a super-hearty sandwich of six slices of bacon, two eggs, white cheddar, and maple glaze, between two cheddar-infused Belgian waffle triangles. 

The ‘Pancake Sliders’ will make your day at just US$7.79, while the chunky ‘Ultimate Waffle Stack’ will pretend to be your abs at US$8.29. 

I don’t even have much to say about this besides all of those look fucking delicious….every single one and now I need to head to IHop to destroy my diet. Cheddar infused waffle sliders bruh?! I need alllll parts of this.

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