News – “Police: Man charged after trying to rob fast food employee with a machete” –  HENDERSONVILLE, N.C. (WLOS) — A man was arrested after police say he threatening a fast food worker with a machete in Hendersonville.

William Wiley is charged with attempted armed robbery with a dangerous weapon. Hendersonville police said the incident started Monday night when Wiley tapped an employee on the shoulder with a machete in the Jack in the Box parking lot.

Police said he demanded money from the employee, and when the employee said they had none, Wiley ran away. Authorities said Wiley was arrested at the nearby Triangle Stop. He was given a $40,000 bond.

William Wiley looks EXACTLY like he would try to rob a Jack in the Box with a fucking machete. I need to see the footage of him just darting away after being told there is no money though, cause clearly my man was high as shit off that good meth.


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