News – “6 reasons why McDonald’s in Australia is way better than McDonald’s in the US”  – Although McDonald’s in Australia and America have the same prices, the Aussie version is way better.

  • Australian McDonald’s (Maccas) offers table service, and the food tastes fresher.
  • The first McCafe opened in Melbourne, and the cafe serves high-quality coffee and pastries.
  • There are plenty of Maccas items that aren’t available in the US, like the Big Brekkie Burger and the McFeast.

Let’s be real: fast food is fast food. It’s greasy, salty, and unwillingly good.

But there’s something about a brand like McDonald’s that’s comforting — especially when in a foreign country. The recognizable golden arches look brighter, the food seems more exotic and the service… well, it’s still fast.

So are all McDonald’s created equal? I’ve been living in Australia for nine months and I’m convinced that McDonald’s Australia (we’ll call it Maccas as the Aussies nickname it) is better than McDonald’s in America (Mickey D’s).

Here’s why.

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McDonald’s in Australia offers surprisingly good customer service.

McDonald's in Australia offers surprisingly good customer service.
Most McDonald’s in Australia feature kiosks and table service.
 Marina Nazario

On the outside, Maccas looks like any other McDonald’s that you would find in the US. But on the inside, it’s cleaner and more welcoming. The vibe at Maccas seems more energetic, and I would compare it to a restaurant rather than your average fast food chain. Most Australian locations feature both table service and kiosks.

I’ve been continually impressed (and slightly taken aback) by the friendly customer service at Maccas. Being from the US, I’m accustomed to the employees at Mickey D’s having a bland attitude. In my experience, I place my order and grab my food from the employee without much of a friendly interaction.

But at Maccas, the employees are perky, genuine, and ready to take your order. It really throws me off, but it makes eating there a much better experience.

I was already convinced, but then I saw chicken Peri Peri McWrap, and chicken aioli McWrap and I’m basically buying my ticket to down under. Good lord, what I wouldn’t give for peri peri to be sold over here like it’s a real thing. 

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