News – “Food delivery right to your dorm door: How some campus dining halls are competing with GrubHub” There was a time when the only sure thing about college dining was packing on the freshman 15. A typical dinner meant mystery meat or soggy pasta, than hours goofing off around a communal table. If dining halls were where memories were made, the recollections aren’t of urgency or good food.

But a funny thing happened from those generations to now. Health-conscious students raised on restaurant food are being plied with quinoa bowls and gourmet coffees prepared by cafeteria chefs and baristas. Quality not being enough, schools are taking things further, offering Starbucks-style apps for students to order ahead, grab-and-go gourmet meals to reheat in rooms, and cafeteria food delivered right to dorms.

Which explains why Kelsey Bishop, a finance and entrepreneurship major at Boston College, thinks it’s entirely normal to sit in her morning Financial Policy class and tap her order into an app for a veggie omelet for pickup at the school’s Hillside Cafeteria. The senior will use the app again to skip the line and order soup a few hours later. And sometimes picking up food can seem like too much work, so after late nights out, she and her roommates will tap their phone and, voila, breakfast is delivered from the dining hall to her dorm — like room service in a four-star hotel, minus the linen-draped tray.

This is some futuristic Jetson’s type shit. Not really, but holy fuck if I had this in college things would have been a lot more convenient. Sitting in Zimmerman Hall, my senior year of college (shout out Wesley College) after a grueling 2 a day practice, unable to walk up and down stairs, hungry as hell and BOOM pull out the old Nokia 2903 or whatever the fuck it was and dial up the café and get a grilled cheese patty melt with fries sent to my dorm room. GOD DAMN, these kids have it so fucking easy. I’m super jealous this wasn’t a thing when I was in college.

Not only is this genius for days you don’t feel like doing shit, we have all been there in college, but it’s economically friendly for these kids to utilize these services because it cheaper than their universities meal plan. Saving money, and saving energy. Well done youths of America, well done. Now if we can only stop you kids from eating Tide Pods and snorting condoms, we may be alright.

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