News – “Camels escape German circus for fast food dinner date” – Two camels escaped from their circus enclosure in Bremen to head for a nearby fast food restaurant. The pair gave the well-known brand’s menu a miss, and instead plumped for a healthy vegetarian alternative.

Two circus camels stand in a meadow opposite a McDonald's restaurant

Circus camel “Ivan the Great” and his smaller friend found an adventurous way to celebrate the Easter holidays.

The two slipped out of their circus enclosure in Bremen and strolled to a nearby McDonald’s restaurant.

The two vegetarians eschewed the fast food chain’s menu, and instead chewed on meadow grass opposite the fast-food outlet.

After almost thirty minutes, police brought the two wandering camels back to their enclosure.

The camels were unharmed.

This the perfect comment on our society. They escaped imprisonment and achieved access to all the freedom in the world. Then they went to Mickey D’s. Figures.

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