News – “Nuggets for breakfast? McDonald’s Australia trials regular menu all-day” – In a move that’ll surely please early lunch eaters (and people who’ve woken from their hangovers too soon), McDonald’s in Australia is making nuggets available for breakfast.

The fast food chain is trialling an “All Day Favourites” menu from Wednesday, meaning that its Big Mac, Quarter Pounder, Cheeseburger, Chicken McNuggets and French Fries will be available before 10:30 a.m., for better or worse.

“We’re always focused on giving our customers more of what they want, and making some of our customer’s favourites available 24-7 is something they’ve been asking us to do for quite some time,” according to a McDonald’s spokesperson.

It comes after the chain expanded its parts of its breakfast menu to become available all day in the past few years around the world. 

McDonald’s has long kept its breakfast and regular offerings separate due to the difference in ingredients and processes between the two menus, which has been an apparent pain for employees.

Breakfast quarter pounder? I’m all aboard! Us on the jersey side already know it’s possible because there’s a 24 hour diner in every town that serves the whole menu all day. Major props to Australia McDonald’s for taking this heroic leap. 

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