JG Quick Review: Melt Food Truck- Boston, Mass

While at PAX EAST 2018, the lady and I decided to check out some of the food trucks that were outside. We decided to try out Melt. We picked up the BBQ Pulled Pork Melt (Braised pork, zesty BBQ sauce, pickled cabbage & red onion, melted cheese panini pressed with Jessica’s bread) and a side of fries. The fries were good hot crispy and they were salted perfectly. The sammiches were good. The Lady requested no onions or red cabbage. She liked the sandwich but wished the BBQ sauce tasted more like BBQ sauce if you know what I mean. The one I had on the other hand…was awesome. The cabbage and onions mixed with the sauce and gave it a perfect smokey zesty kick that was nothing short of divine. This sandwich was a little messy but with a few napkins everything was handled nicely.  All in all Melt is definitely a food truck to find if/when you visit Beantown .



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