News – “DUNKIN’ DONUTS IS UNLEASHING $2 ‘DONUT FRIES'” – Dunkin’ Donuts cut its menu by 10% earlier this year in an effort to transition from a donut place that serves Angus steak sandwiches back to a donut place that serves, well, donuts and coffee. If you thought this meant the chain was getting boring, boy, were you wrong. There’s nothing boring about donut fries

What are donut fries you ask? Well, we’re pretty sure you already know the answer to that, but the idea is that if you made fries with dough instead of potatoes and then dust the fries with cinnamon and sugar, that’d be good. And that seems like sound logic to us. They’re currently only at a few locations in the Boston area as part of a trial period, so don’t go rushing out for them just yet.

Saw this while going thru the Facebook news feed and it seems that Dunkin Donuts is trying to change the fry game. They are releasing Donut Fries and according to the article it is a Boston Area exclusive for now. As I type this I currently am in Boston….

It looks like I may have to wander the streets of Boston trying to get a fix of these Donut fries. Wish me luck

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