News – “Taco Bell Put a French Toast Shell on Its Breakfast Chalupa” –  The French Toast Chalupa is billed as a sweet counterpoint to the Naked Egg Taco.


April 11, 2018

By now, Taco Bell fans are used the chain experimenting with menu items in every way imaginable. And recently, we’ve seen a couple unique twists on what can constitute a taco shell including a fried chicken taco shell and a shell made out of egg. That latter taco innovation, originally launched in 2017, proved so popular that the Bell brought it back last month. And now, the brand is looking to push the boundaries of fast food breakfast tacos even further, testing out a new French toast shell.

The French Toast Chalupa—which sadly is only available in Dayton, Ohio (clearly stealing the spotlight from the recent reunion of The Breeders)—is being billed as a “perfect foil” to the Naked Egg Taco, ostensibly since this new shell offers up a dose of sweetness and carbs missing from an egg shell. The French toast shell, which was created exclusively for this new breakfast item, is described as a “fluffy and cinnamon-y” take on Taco Bell’s existing chalupa shell (which is already thicker and breadier than the standard soft shell). It’s then stuffed with scrambled eggs and a choice of either bacon or sausage crumbles. Finally, it’s served with a side of syrup… because you know it damn well better be!

Trying out this new French Toast Chalupa will set you back $2.49—travel and accommodations not included. And you may want to act fast, as Taco Bell didn’t provide any indication as to how long this test item will last. However, if the success of the Naked Egg Taco is any indication, the chances that the French Toast Chalupa might see a national rollout would seem strong.


Okay so I have said it multiple times on the podcast that I haven’t tried Taco Bells breakfast YET but our DJ Wayne and White Chris swear by it. This doesn’t look bad, I’ll even go as far as to say that…it actually look’s good and sounds like a great concept. BUT I just don’t know about eating eggs from Tbell man idk idk idk, like we all know that’s not beef but I’m at peace with that. This here I’m just not sure about , so I’ll assign this out to WC to try to do a JG Quick review for it.

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