News – “Moby Has a Take on Food Stamps — and It’s Junk” – When I saw The Wall Street Journal headline — “Food Stamps Shouldn’t Pay for Junk” — I wasn’t the least bit surprised. The idea that the food stamp program — now known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) — subsidizes the bad decisions and destructive lifestyles of the poor is an old conservative meme, as this 1986 Los Angeles Times article about Ronald Reagan notes:

Reagan often tells anecdotes that suggest the poor are taking advantage of government programs, and during his 1980 election campaign he was widely quoted as telling a story about a welfare recipient who bought a bottle of vodka with change from food stamps.

But then I looked at the byline, and it wasn’t some familiar right-wing entitlement reformer or culture warrior, but “Moby.” Being a baby-boomer, I wondered initially if this was the pseudonym for some survivor of the fine 1960s psychedelic band Moby Grape, but a trip to Wikipedia instructed me otherwise — apparently this op-ed was written by a vegan electronic musician (birth name: Richard Melville Hall) whose commercial peak was about two decades ago.

….Shutup Moby…

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