News – “NC brewpub features tarantula burger for exotic meat month” –  – Arbitrary holidays and commemorative months have managed to fill our calendars with reasons to celebrate.

restaurant in Durham, North Carolina has made the month of April meaningful by enticing foodies to try unusual, meaty creations. But these may not be for everyone. 

Bull City Burger and Brewery has dubbed April as Exotic Meat Month, transforming its menu into something straight out of children’s nightmares. 

But adults seem to be onboard with items like bug ice cream, bug burgersrabbit meatball subs, plus creations made from camel, elk, alligator, python, duck, ostrich, boar, turtle, caribou, reindeer, goat, and Rocky Mountain Oysters – otherwise known as cattle testicles. 

The food creating the most buzz is the tarantula burger and the Tarantula Challenge.

The tarantula burger cannot be ordered, rather, interested eaters come to the brewpub and sign up for a raffle. 

If their number is drawn, Bull City contacts them to set up their mealtime. 

The burger is made with pasture-raised North Carolina beef, gruyere cheese, and spicy chili sauce. It’s topped with an oven-roasted tarantula. Bull City says the tarantula is lightly-salted before being baked.

Some people prefer to eat the tarantula first, while some take it all in at once.

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