News – “California Juice Company To Sell CBD Products Nationwide Starting On 4/20”

foodbeast.comWith the legalization of marijuana in California in full effect, many CBD-based (the extracted health compounds from cannabis) products are sprouting up across the market. Usually, you’ll find them in marijuana dispensaries, but one company, Project Juice, is willing to start putting cannabinoids in products for both in-house and online national distribution.


Unlike THC, which is the psychoactive compound in marijuana, CBDs have been shown to treat a variety of symptoms. These include anxiety, stress, nausea, chronic pain, inflammation, and cardiovascular health. Thus, consuming Project Juice’s CBD products could help offer some relief and treatment for those who suffer from any of these conditions.

 According to a press release from the Marijuana Times, Project Juice will be giving customers the option to add drops of CBD into their bowls and smoothies. A $3 upcharge will add 15 drops, or 20 mg of CBD, into those products. The juice company will offer this addition starting April 20th, and it will be available at most of their retail locations in San Francisco, Laguna Beach, and San Diego.
 Project Juice will have CBD-infused products available on their online store as well. Bottled tonic wellness shots, each with 20 mg of CBD, will be available on their online store starting on 4/20, as will chocolates that contain 2 mg of CBD each. Packs of the chocolates will go for $24.99, while the shots sell for $7 each, which can both ship nationwide.

Live footage of my running to the computer to order my bottle 

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