News -“Review: White Castle’s Impossible Slider Is One of America’s Best Fast-Food Burgers” – The “bleeding” fake-meat patty is the perfect vehicle for salty cheese, sweet onions, and handsome char

A USA Today headline recently asked whether White Castle was going “highbrow.” It’s an interesting observation for a chain whose chief cultural point of reference is a movie about two Jersey stoners who survive encounters with a rabid raccoon, a hooligan who screams like a velociraptor, a molly-popping Neil Patrick Harris, and a pot-smoking cheetah (which they ride like a horse), all for the purpose of feasting on the chain’s signature burgers. Those burgers are dollar sliders grilled over onions and sandwiched between rolls so insubstantial they could blow away in a gentle wind gust. There is nothing fancy or ambitious about any of this, nor should there be.

As the larger fast-food industry pays lip service to healthier offerings and builds cushier environs, White Castle remains a cultish, ultra-affordable, bare-bones outlier. There are no kale salads because, heck, there are no salads. There isn’t even an option for lettuce or tomato on burgers. The dining room, with fluorescent, blue tiles, and white walls, feels like a Greek flag-inspired military commissary.

The chain, in other words, seems an unlikely candidate for the “highbrow” moniker — or anything with vegetables. But alas, White Castle is now serving Silicon Valley’s Impossible Burger, a plant-based product that’s recently found its way onto menu at New York’s Momofuku Nishi, Wahlburgers, and Umami burger.

Here’s what’s even more surprising: The White Castle version, called the Impossible slider, and which is being tested in Chicago and the New York area, might be the best of the bunch. In fact I’ll go even further: It’s one of the country’s best fast-food burgers, period.

Anybody that heard episode 18 of the JG Podcast heard us all basically say we wouldn’t fuck with this. I’m not going to lie, this description actually may have swayed me…i’ll bite the bullet in the group and give it a go…YOLO!

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