News – “This is America’s Favorite Fast Food Restaurant (Again)”

fortune.comAnimal style continues to reign supreme with fast-food patrons across America. In-N-Out Burger has once again topped Market Force’s annual customer survey of the nation’s top quick-service restaurants

In-N-Out Burger, a beloved California-based burger joint, earned a 76% rating in customer loyalty. That’s higher than any restaurant in any category, even though the chain is famously limited to only the West Coast.

It’s a redemption of sorts for In-N-Out, which added its first new menu in 15 yearsearlier this year. While In-N-Out Burger won the Market Force survey last year, Five Guys bested it in a separate Harris Poll last year.

Chick Fil-A came in second in the overall rankings, with 73% customer loyalty. Other big winners included Culver’s, which sells burgers in 24 states, and Raising Cane’s, which specializes in chicken.

Missing from the customer loyalty survey were the biggest national chains. McDonald’sand Subway were ignored in favor of regional favorites. Here are the winners in some of the top food categories.

Best burgers in America



Five Guuys Burger and Fries


Steak ‘n Shake

I woulda guessed Chic Fil A would have snatched this crown up but this also isn’t surprising…now i’m kind of shocked at Culvers being on the list for best cheeseburger but I could have just had a bland ass bad experience. I’m going to have to give them another try next time I come across one of their establishments.

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