News – “Fight breaks out between employees at Wendy’s in Milwaukee: ‘It was wild in there'” – Fists went flying at a Wendy’s in Milwaukee on Monday night after two of its employees got into a heated argument behind the counter.

“The girls who [were] taking my orders and making the food, they were fighting each other because, I guess, both parties are related in some type of way, but they all work together,” said Floyd Taylor, a customer who filmed the brawl, to Fox 6 Now.

WARNING: Footage contains violent content and strong language, and has been intentionally blurred to obscure underage participants.

Taylor, who merely wanted “two Dave’s Doubles and a salad,” said a fellow patron soon inserted herself into the mix, as she was a related to one of the workers. He says she also called up a few mutual acquaintances to come and join on the fight.

The melee eventually escalated to the point where at least 15 people became involved, many of whom were apparently Wendy’s workers, according to Taylor. Some may have also been underage, Fox 6 News added.

Taylor’s footage further shows some of the workers attempting to break up the fight, which raged near the register, the entrance, and a hallway leading to the kitchen and bathroom. One woman can loudly be heard telling the combatants to “Get out of my store!”

milwaukee wendy's brawl street view

The fight — which took place at the Wendy’s at W. Capital Drive and N. 27th street in Milwaukee — reportedly started when two employees began arguing behind the counter.  (Google Street View)

The fight eventually died down after a few moments, when several more Wendy’s workers urge the brawlers to break it up.

One minute your trying to get a delicious Dave’s Double and the next minute you’re trying to avoid getting punched in the face during an all out family brawl…life comes at you fast man.

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