News – “12 Discontinued Fast Food Items We Want Back In Restaurants ASAP”

foodbeast.comAs fast food menus continue to rotate and innovate, items once beloved by the public can inevitably disappear. These discontinued fast food items lie dormant in their company’s vaults, but there are legions of customers who wish that some could be resurrected.

Below are just a paltry representation of those discontinued fast food items no longer around, but where a demand for return is humongous.

 KFC’s Original Popcorn Chicken

Sure, the Colonel’s got “Popcorn Nuggets” on the menu these days, but their bigger size means that you get less of the seasoned, crispy batter than the original Popcorn Chicken. I’ll still get the Nuggets from time to time because snackable fried chicken is always a plus. I just wish the old-school version was available as well.


Pizza Hut’s P’Zones


Whether you were one of those screaming “It’s not a calzone!” or not, this was still one hefty meal when it was around. This mashup of pizza and calzone clocked in at about a pound, not counting the extra cups of marinara you’d buy to dunk the crust in. Pizza Hut has brought the P’Zone back before, though, so there’s a possibility they could come back in the future.


McDonald’s OG Fries, Cooked In Beef Fat

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McDonald’s made the switch over to vegetable oil in the early ’90s, and since then, people have been able to tell that the savoriness of these crispy spuds has gone way down. The golden-arched fast food giant has tried to replicate the old taste with milk and beef-based flavorings, but it’s still just not the same as the fries of old.


Taco Bell’s Waffle Taco


As one of Taco Bell’s first forays into the Frankenstein’d foods category, this waffle taco blew everyone’s minds when it first came out. The Bell has continued to produce hype breakfasts and innovative items since then, but this combo of sweet and savory has yet to make an appearance since. A “successor” to it, the French Toast Chalupa, is in the works, so maybe there’s hope for the waffle taco in the future to pair alongside it?


Burger King’s Burger Shots


Burger King once went after White Castle with their version of sliders, and learned quickly not to mess with the originators. Still, these were a buzzworthy take on sliders slightly ahead of their time, as the mini burgers are poppin’ on menus elsewhere today. Could the King bring them back for an audience more accepting of these patties? Possibly, if they can keep them from falling through the charbroiled grates this time.

You know you’re getting old when you remember every single item on a list like this but you guy’s already know this is my excuse to go ahead and say it one more time…BRING BACK THE SPICY NUGGETS WENDY’S!!! 

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