Great Moments in Food History: Alaskan Carls Movie Night Debacle

Whenever someone tells me their not on Twitter or don’t get Twitter I always end up feeling sorry for them. You get everything from breaking news, drama, dope articles, new music all right there in real time…meanwhile people that only use Facebook are sending you screenshots of shit that you saw 2 months ago. However the biggest reason I enjoy the hell out of Twitter because it’s constant entertainment and…the jokes. Twitter can be leave your desk because you’re laughing so hard with tears running down your face kinda funny if you follow the right people or come across the right tweet.

That brings us to this week’s installment of Great Moments in Food History. With Marvel Infinity War debuting this weekend it’s only right it’s movie related. My man @Alaskancarl1 (his account is now deleted or suspended) typed out one of the most legendary tweets in the history of that platform when he decided to go see Cars 2 one summer night.


Bruh. The first time I laid eyes on this tweet I think I had a asthma attack. The layers and visuals man, I promise you I think about this tweet and scenario at least once every 3 days. Lets break this down shall we.

  • First things first….why was he eating beans man…just a can of baked beans…I’ve snuck all sorts of shit into movie theaters from cheesesteaks to platters with at least 3 sides in them…but my man just had a hankering for some baked beans on some revolutionary war shit? Imagine the pure glee on his face when the movie started and he was starting too dig in like he was at the camp fire.
  • What do you think happened to get Carl to spill the baked beans literally all over himself? Did something startle him or was he too excited and in a rush to open the beans because he was craving them that badly… so much so that he simply fumbled them everywhere?
  • Was Carl by himself? It sure seems like it and if not….whoever was with him, if i’m that person not only am I laughing and pointing at him also…i’m 100% acting like I never met this baked bean eating cat before, I’ll see you outside Carl.
  • Now for the funniest part of this whole damn tweet/scenario. The black teenager. Seeing that I was once a rambunctious black teen something like 55 years ago I can almost envision this like I was there. That teen absolutely did a double take…peeked over first and stood up before pointing and yelling “THAT NIGGA EATING BEANS”. If it didn’t happen like that so be it but in my head that’s how it went down.
  • the simplicity of “& everyone laughed.” literally makes me weak every time. I’m laughing as I’m typing this because you know he meant it….everyone in that theater including the ushers were pointing and laughing at Carl.

I know in the moment it was the most embarrassing moment of your life Carl but i’ll be damned if your not a icon now, right up there with the guy that got laid off and tweeted at his ex gf Sharon.

Image result for why did you do that sharon

You don’t believe me that Carl is a legend on Twitter dot com? Here is a quick search of Alaskancarls handle.









Alaskan Carl I hope you’re living your best life wherever you are and that you are dining on the finest baked beans in all the land. Thank you for providing me with this week’s installment of Great Moments in Food history.


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