News – “Shocking moment ‘extremely drunk’ woman smashes up fast food restaurant ‘because her meal deal didn’t come with a drink'” – This is the shocking moment an “extremely drunk” woman smashed in the windows of a fast food restaurant after discovering her meal deal did not come with a drink, according to reports. 

Police are trying to track down the customer after the violence at a branch of Popeyes in Staten Island, in New York, on May 8.

 Officers said the unidentified woman was “intoxicated” at the time of the incident and suggested she may have confused her meal deal with a similar offer at rival Wendy’s. 

Restaurant staff said the woman started shouting at staff members over the perceived “rip-off” – but calmed down while she ate her food.

The incident took place in New York in May last year (NYPD)

Once the woman finished her meal, however, she made clear she was not finished – picking up a chair and smashing a window with it.


The woman immediately fled the scene, hopping into a “dark-coloured sedan” outside the restaurant. Police say enquiries are ongoing. 

In April last year, a Burger Kingcustomer in London punched a staff member in the face in a row over a drink

The victim was assaulted by a man who became angry when he was told he would have to pay for a drink if he wanted a paper cup. 

Guys please click the link and watch the video , it’s…just…reality television has nothing on real life. I was gonna say you gotta hear both sides cause she’s drunk..they messed up her order…so now she’s pissed. We’ve all been there before AND she was hitting them with the suck my dick dance before storming out…at this point im all in…until I notice it’s a Popeyes. You can’t go around destroying Popeye’s over a drink babygirl, it’s too damn delicious. You gotta go take that anger down the street to Arby’s or something.

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