Chefs’ Menu: Chicken Marsala- Meal Kit

I came across Chefs’ Menu meal kits though an online advertisement when browsing Instagram one day. I will say, those ad’s get me every time! I clicked on it and search nearby stores that offer them and Shoprite did come up but the store closest to my house didn’t have any available.

A few weeks’ later I was placing my Shoprite From Home order and saw them as available so I added it to my cart for in store pickup. After picking up my groceries and getting home, I noticed it wasn’t in any of my bags but I checked my receipts and saw that I wasn’t charged for it.

The next three times I ordered Shoprite From Home they again were not available. Finally the other day, I randomly decided to go to a Shoprite in another town while killing time in between errands and there they were, directly at the front of the store. There were three different options and I choose the Chicken Marsala.


I didn’t end up cooking this until three days later but I wasn’t worried because the box had a ‘best by date’ that showed it was still good for another week. The box advertises 15 minute cook time and they are serious. This meal was so easy to cook and came with everything I needed in the box along with the olive oil.

I was expecting chicken breasts so when I saw that I received chopped up chicken I was a little surprised but I do prefer chopped chicken so I ok with that.


The sauce for the chicken was so good! This is definitely something I recommend and something I plan to get again. I’m also looking forward to trying their other options.

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