The Food Market – Hampden , MD

Had the opportunity to try out one of the restaurants that has the stomachs of many in the Hampden, MD area. The Food Market has some great dishes as well as drink selections. The atmosphere was casual elegant; you would see business suite attire, to funky flamboyant hair cuts to folks that seem to have come from a sporting event. The bar area appeared to be the main event for the night but the crowd wasn’t too rowdy for the great tunes that enhanced the ambiance could still be heard so you can hum to.

I had the very popular “lil crab pot pie” which was surprisingly well cheffed.  Most folks cannot handle a hand crafted pot pie from the freezer section but this was great and its elements; well seasoned too.  More crab meat would have been dope but hey I can wish, right?



Next up was “spicy, cheesy, creamy, herby, winey, garlicky shrimp” which wasn’t what I expected but more than I expected. The 4 larged sized shrimp soaked in cream and all the mentioned ingredients with torn pieces of bread definitely made my front turtle shell (my gut) smile from deep within.
Lastly I ordered the “bread & butter crusted seabass” which also made me smile. Large cut of seabass sitting like a queen upon buttery mashed potatoes and peas with some type of delicate drizzle of goodness. Boy, it was cooked to perfection so light and fluffy, I couldn’t believe I was eating fish. The only downfall the presentation, I literally said to the waiter “hey I didn’t order meatloaf”.

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