News – “‘Sheetz Vs. Wawa’ documentary claims it will settle Pennsylvania’s great convenience store debate” – In Pennsylvania, residents must pick a side. Philadelphia or Pittsburgh? The Flyers or the Penguins? The Eagles or the Steelers?

 But perhaps no statewide rivalry ignites the passion in Pennsylvanians’ stomachs quite like that of Wawa vs. Sheetz.

Now, one Pennsylvania filmmaker is developing a documentary called Sheetz Vs. Wawa about the beloved convenience store chains and the rivalry that’s developed between their fanatical fan bases.

 In promotional material for his film, documentarian Matthew Fridg makes a lofty and, frankly, a dangerous claim: that his movie will decide, once and for all, whether Wawa or Sheetz is better.

“We settle this here. We settle this now,” reads the film’s tagline.

Even though Fridg, 37, has a Pittsburgh area code and grew up in Sheetz country, i.e, the western half of the state, he claims he can be unbiased.

“I’ve been exposed to both and while the Sheetz love is homegrown, I also like Wawa,” he tried to convince us. And failed miserably.

I’m all in on this ,so much so that I’m going to have to reach out to Matthew Fridg about JG being a part of this bad boy. Leer’s whole segment might need to be bleeped out though.

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