Great Moments in Food History: The Klumps

For those of you to young to remember or appreciate The Nutty Professor you really missed out on one of the great eras in modern film history. The black comedian in a fat suit era.

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The Nutty Professor has numerous notable scenes and quotables including bringing Dave Chappelle to the forefront for a lot of people.

That’s not why I’m writing this blog post though. Anybody that’s seen this Eddie Murphy classic knows exactly why I’m writing this. The epic Klump family dinner scene, the scene that brought “Hercules! Hercules!” to Americas lexicon. The exchange during dinner from the family members was so epic and funny at the time, that while in the movie theater I missed half the jokes because everyone was laughing so hard.

Eddie played basically every role at the dinner table, and as it usually goes, at a black family dinner it went from slander, to jokes, to uncalled for flatulence (looking at you Leer). There was two dinner scenes in the first movie, and the second one included a date, you can only imagine how that went. Below I’ve dropped some video clips for your viewing pleasure (NSFW and be prepared to laugh):

Of course following the success of the first film they made a Nutty Professor 2 that also had a laugh out loud dinner scene, this time at a buffet:

Anddddd that concludes this week’s installment of Great Moments in Food History

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