News – “This NFL Player Used A Catfish As A Beer Bong, Seriously [WATCH]”

foodbeast.comA bunch of football players recently got catfished while at a Nashville Predators playoff hockey game recently. No, this isn’t a Manti Te’o piece, these athletes snuck a whole catfish into the Bridgestone Arena and turned it into the wackiest beer bong of 2018.


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The Titans O-line is out here wildin’ 😂

(via @NHLonNBCSports)

 Tennessee Titans offensive lineman Taylor Lewan was caught on film getting a boozy waterfall through the fish’s mouth, while some of his teammates were eating up the action in front of the Nashville crowd. Only guy not 100 percent into it was Lewan’s quarterback, Marcus Mariota, who was clearly not ready for that level of partying.

Offensive linemen are gonna offensive linemen! Ain’t no stopping a 6’4 320 lb man from being an absolute monster and bonging beers using a cat-fish. 

Now being a former offensive lineman, one of the best parts of that mind-set was just being an absolute meat stick, and getting away with it. It’s a culture of Neanderthal behavior, but at the end of the day it’s almost expected from an offensive lineman.

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