News – ” Tourists warned not to feed kangaroos McDonald’s, fast food after series of brutal attacks” – Tourists have been warned against feeding the wildlife in Australia after an increase in kangaroo attacks have left guests with gory gashes.

Officials have said the attacks occurred while tourists attempted to feed the native animals junk food like corn chips and McDonald’s

“There have been a number of reported incidents in which kangaroos have attacked visitors, in one case causing a very deep gash to a man’s stomach,” the local MP, Greg Piper, told NSW parliament on Tuesday.

kangaroo attack 5

One official said most of the attacks cause lacerations or significant scratching.  (Facebook/Kroosn Shuttle Service Pty Ltd)

“In most cases they have been kicking out, clawing faces and grappling with people, causing lacerations or significant scratching … Recently one attacked a man, who required 17 stitches in his face,” Piper continued.

The attacks have been happening on the grounds of Morisset hospital, a psychiatric hospital and a popular tourist site near Lake Macquarie, where travel websites send people to see wild kangaroos for free.

See even the Kangaroos don’t want our bullshit food, you offer them a McChicken and they get so offended that they attempt to rip your nose off.


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