News – “Baked Bean Museum of Excellence, The world’s only museum dedicated to baked beans. “

The Baked Bean Museum of Excellence is a museum dedicated to baked beans, owned and operated by a bean-obsessed superhero called Captain Beany. And yes, it is as eccentric as it sounds.

In order to understand the Baked Bean Museum of Excellence, you first have to understand Captain Beany. The man formerly known as Barry Kirk once worked in the computer department of the British Petroleum chemical plant in the village of Baglan in Neath Port Talbot.

Then, in September 1986, one sublime event changed his life: Kirk sat naked in a bathtub full of baked beans for 100 hours, setting a new world record. At the same time, his one true destiny was revealed: Captain Beany was born, an honest-to-goodness real-life superhero rising like a phoenix from the rich tomato sauce of a thousand baked beans. It was a beautiful moment.

In truth, it actually took a few years for Kirk to complete his baked bean-obsessed transformation. But in 1991, he legally changed his name by deed poll to Captain Beany. Not stopping there, he started painting his face and (now completely bald) head orange, and began wearing a golden cape, pants, gloves and boots.

Ever since, Captain Beany has been involved in a whole range of strange events, raising money for various charities including Sport Relief, Cancer Research and the British Heart Foundation. He has run marathons, pushed a can of beans along a beach with his nose, bathed in a bath of tomato soup, climbed a mountain, and had 60 baked beans tattooed on his head. In doing so, he’s raised more than £100,000 for charity.

There’s only one person in the world that can be this obsessed with baked beans and that’s Alaskan Carl or maybe… this is Alaska Carl’s mentor. Some sort of baked bean Batman and Robin situation going on and changing your legal name to Captain Beany is some next level commitment. Either way it looks like my man is living his best baked bean life so who am I to hate.

(I’m choosing to ignore his 100 hour baked bean bath…that’s umm…yea)


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