News – “Colorado woman cited after microwave blows up urine sample” – DENVER — A Colorado woman has been cited by police after a container of what appeared to be urine blew up as she was heating it up in a microwave at a 7-Eleven.

Police say the incident occurred in the convenience store chain’s Aurora location last week when the clerk heard a loud bang and saw 26-year-old Angelique Sanchez take a white plastic bottle out of the microwave.

A police report says when confronted by the clerk, Sanchez wiped a yellow liquid that smelled like urine onto the floor and walked out.

Police located Sanchez at a nearby clinic where she had planned to take a urinalysis test for a potential employer.

The Denver woman was issued a summons for damaged property. She could not be reached for comment.

At first I didn’t realize where this story was going but now that I got it I can’t stop laughing. Homegirl is a stoner and was trying to pass her drug test and just like a true stoner didn’t think this thing through at all…”Let me just heat this up in the 7-Eleven down the street…nobody will notice a thing”…

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