News – “This McDonald’s Fan Just Ate His 30,000th Big Mac. The Math Shows Just How Staggering That Is” – I’ll bet you can guess where Don Gorske celebrates his birthdays.

He celebrated another, more unique milestone yesterday, when he ate his 30,000th Big Mac at a McDonald’s in Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin, which happens to be the same McDonald’s he visited when he ate his first Big Mac back in 1972.

I suspect that means he’s been McDonald’s most loyal customer since well before at least half of the people who read this article were born. Heck, even the guy who invented Big Macs, and who died recently at age 98, said he only ate one a week.

But to understand just how devoted a fan Gorske is, I think we need to break out the calculator.

(Or yes, the calculator function on your phone. I’m not that old.)

We should point out two things first: that Gorske already holds the record for having eaten the most Big Macs; he crossed that threshold according to the Guinness people back in October.

And second, he has both “obsessive compulsive disorder and a meticulous memory,” according to the FDL Reporter, a local newspaper that marked his milestone.

“While he has managed through the years to preserve and categorize most everything related to his Big Mac obsession, he did lose about 7,000 or so Styrofoam cartons that were damaged in a tornado that blew the soffits off his house on June 2, 1990,” the paper reported.

I’ll leave that part right there, since the environmental mess described did take place 28 years ago.

But it’s an absurd number of Big Macs. To start with, eating 30,000 over 46 years would require eating 652 per year. And that in turn would work out to consuming 1.786 Big Macs every single day since the Nixon administration.

Man I’m not gonna lie , every once in a while I will treat myself to a heart clogging Big Mac but got damn dude a Big Mac a day sounds like a suicide mission or at least a cry for help. Congrats I guess?

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