News – “McDonald’s New ‘Cowbell Buzzers’ Are Driving Employees Insane In The Kitchen”

foodbeast.comWith the nationwide rollout of fresh beef in their Quarter Pounders and Signature Crafted burgers next week, McDonald’s is making some changes in the back of the house to keep things going smoothly. One of the newest additions to the kitchens will be cowbell buzzers that are already driving some employees crazy.

According to a statement on the buzzers from McDonald’s, the noise will go off every time an item requiring fresh beef is ordered. It’s supposed to alert the kitchen staff to drop a patty on the grill, ensuring that the burgers are cooked to order every time. The cowbell sound is programmed into some new monitors in the restaurant.


Since some parts of the country have been getting the fresh beef quarter pounders early, they’ve already had the monitors and cowbell buzzers installed. So far, employees have clearly NOT been fans of the new change.

Screenshot of Reddit taken by Foodbeast.

Oooooo yea that would make me go crazy and end up smacking a customer in the face with a Filet-O- Fish after a few days

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