News – “We tried biscuit breakfast sandwiches from major fast-food chains — and the winner is shockingly clear”

  • The American breakfast biscuit sandwich renaissance is here, with more and more chains embracing the typically Southern breakfast meal. 
  • Even national chains like McDonald’sWendy’s, and Burger King are offering them across the country. 
  • We tried them all and found that Wendy’s makes the absolute best, despite its limited breakfast menu. 

 The biscuit, a classic cornerstone of Southern American cuisine, has long been a regional option at restaurants like McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and others of the fast-food ilk.

 But now the biscuit is being embraced across the US as an integral breakfast item, even being folded into the myriad breakfast sandwich options.
 We tried biscuit sandwiches from major fast-food chains to see which makes the best biscuit breakfast for your on-the-go morning meal.

Burger King’s bacon, sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit: a greasy, soggy, bland horror. The bacon is crispy, but the gelatinous square of sadness masquerading as an egg squelches any advances on the meat front.

Hollis Johnson 

Burger King’s sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit: just as greasy, just as sad, but with the underwhelming and salty sausage patty sans bacon. The biscuit is thick and heavy, made all the more so by the viscous cheese.

Hollis Johnson 

McDonald’s bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit: a tad soggy, but nowhere near the boggy marsh of Burger King’s. The bacon is satisfyingly crispy — a rarity in fast-food breakfasts. But where is the real egg that makes the McMuffin so irresistible? Why must McDonald’s use floppy egg squares for everything but the McMuffin?


Hollis Johnson 

I can’t say that Hollis is wrong with his Wendy’s assessment because I’ve never tried Wendy’s breakfast even though I would love to. If we’re talking strictly biscuits and talking the sammiches at their best/peak:

1. Chick Fil A – Spicy Chicken Egg and Cheese on a biscuit is a game changer
2. McDonalds – say what you will but its a clutch biscuit breakfast sandwich when its made right and been a go to since I was a kid.
3. Burger king – stick to the croissanwich when you go here

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